Early Orthodontics (Interceptive Treatment)

Most of us think that we have to wait until our kids are teenagers before we even think about braces. But this is changing-and changing fast.

The main reason for starting orthodontic treatment early is because it helps make room for permanent teeth, reducing the need for removal of teeth later on and shortening the time for wearing braces. It can also guide jaw growth and help with mouth-breathing, protruding teeth and oral hygiene.

With over 25 years in the dental field, Dr Ilic has seen his fair share of children who need some form of orthodontic treatment he will always recommend an early orthodontic assessment if needed. The Australian Society of Orthodontics recommends that children have an orthodontic assessment around the age of 7 and in some cases early orthodontic treatment can even begin as early as 5.

It is important to remember that orthodontic treatment is not just about aligning teeth and having a perfect smile, it is about addressing jaw developmental issues during growth, about helping children chew and breathe properly and ultimately about enabling them to maintain healthy teeth throughout their lives.

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