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Root Canal Therapy

The aim of Root Canal Therapy is get you out of pain and to ultimately save your tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

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If you have a tooth ache waking you up at night - you may need Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment is generally not painful
Root Canal Therapy is done when the nerve in the tooth has died or is infected - The pain generally subsides after the nerve has been removed
Root canal therapy preserves the appearance and function of your tooth

Root Canal Therapy - it does not hurt!

One of the treatments we find most patients dread would have to be root canal therapy. We have all heard numerous stories relating to how painful Root Canal Treatment is, but in all the years that Dr Ilic has been in practice, we have not found this to be the case.

Once treatment is started – in most cases – we find that the pain goes away-completely.

Root Canal Therapy takes place over several visits and it is primarily aimed at preserving a tooth after it has been heavily damaged by decay, injury or has a nerve infection on an otherwise intact tooth. It involves among other things- removing the infected content from the canals, treating the canals with special medication and finally filling and sealing them.

Sometimes if the canals are curved, blocked or difficult to access we may have to refer you to an endodontic specialist who will complete the treatment.

Once Root Canal treatment is completed the tooth will need a final filling and/or crown to preserve function and appearance.

Root canal treatment is not something everyone is prepared to go ahead with. Some patients prefer to have the tooth removed and replaced with an implant, a bridge or have it added to their denture. The decision to have root canal treatment is made after consultation with Dr Ilic who will discuss with you exactly what is involved, the risks and benefits of the treatment, the costs, and how many visits will be required.