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Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a safe non- invasive way to help reduce bacteria in the mouth

Ozone Therapy

From your local Campbelltown Dentist, Centric Dental Views

Safe, painless, non- invasive dental treatment

Administered as natural gas or ozonated water

Applied to surgery and treatment areas or as mouth rinse
Eliminates 99.9 % of bacteria/fungus within 20 seconds.*
Creates the best conditions for successful treatment
Used for periodontal work, root canal treatment, pre and post drilling and other oral infections

Ozone Therapy - We are one of only a few dentists using Ozone Therapy

Dr Ilic has always looked for new and innovative ways of ensuring that his patients have best possible dental outcomes. This is why he has chosen to incorporate Ozone technology into his dental practice.

Ozone therapy is a non- invasive way to help reduce bacteria in the mouth and therefore create the best conditions for dental treatment to succeed. There is no pain associated with Ozone Therapy. It is free of chemicals, it’s natural and non-invasive.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas which delivers an anti-microbial effect and according to research has the ability to eliminate 99.9 % of bacteria/fungus within 20 seconds*. Ozone is chemical free and at CDV we use it either in the form of ozone gas (with periodontal treatment, root canal treatment, treating sensitivity and ulcers in the mouth) or in the form of ozone enriched water which we use for pre- and post- treatment rinsing.

* Studies show that Ozone gets eliminates the bacteria which causes tooth decay after only 10 seconds, eliminating up to 99% of viral and bacterial contamination. Bacteria, viruses and fungus such as staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, E-Colli and MRSA can effectively be eradicated using Ozone Therapy.

How we us Ozone Therapy at Centric Dental Views in Campbelltown

Currently Ozone in dentistry is more widely used in Europe and the USA than in Australia. It has been in use since the 1930’s and considered to be effective in eliminating cavity causing bacteria.

AT CDV Ozone therapy is not a stand - alone treatment. We use it to compliment other treatment in the following ways :

  • Pre - treatment mouth rinse - ozonated water reduces the amount bacteria in the mouth before we start treatment.
  • Post - treatment mouth rinse - we use ozonated water to reduce any remaining bacteria once we have finished treatment.
  • Periodontal (gum) treatment - we use ozone gas to inactivate any bacteria around the tooth, gums and any periodontal pockets.
  • Root canal treatment - we use ozone gas to help eliminate/inactivate any remaining bacteria in the canals during root canal treatment.
  • Sensitivity - we use ozone gas to help reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Mouth ulcers - we use ozonated water and gas to help treat mouth ulcers and lesions
  • Infection control - we use ozonated water to enhance our infection control by flushing all our water lines and suction tubes with ozonated water in addition to standard infection control procedures