Quality Crowns and Bridges made right here in Australia

Before crown Crowns


Often used to restore teeth to their original shape or size, crowns cover or encase the entire tooth surface.

Crowns are often called caps and are mostly made from porcelain so that the colouring closely matches your other teeth.


This is an excellent way of permanently attaching replacement teeth in the mouth. It may not be for everyone, because, as with everything there are disadvantages as well as advantages.

However, by seeing Dr Ilic, he will be able to fully explain whether a bridge is the right way for you to replace any missing teeth.


All products used by Dr Ilic in his crown and bridge work are 100% Australian made, by registered Dental Technicians, using TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved materials.

They also adhere to the Australian Statutory requirements for Infection Control.

We are proud of the fact that our crowns and bridges are made right here in Australia and this enables us to offer our patients a 10- 15 year lab warranty on their crown and bridge work. It also ensures that all products and materials used by us and our labs are TGA approved and that adherence to Australian Statutory requirements for infection control is always maintained.

Dental implants

Dental Implants replace missing teeth and they are metal fixtures in the jaw which act as a support for a crown. Implants are a surgical dental procedure and this is why we only work with well - known specialists in the area to ensure your implants are done to the highest standard.

Once the implant is placed by the specialist and integrated into your jaw, we will do the necessary crown or bridge work.

Dental Tools

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