From Wisdom Teeth, Extractions to Anaesthetic we have you covered

Wisdom teeth

Generally, these are the last teeth to grow. Although just as useful as other teeth, wisdom teeth are a major source of potential infection in the mouth and can have serious consequences when infected or impacted (will not grow properly into the mouth). In such cases Dr Ilic will examine you and your x-rays to determine the nature of the problem and the best solution.


Removing teeth is often necessary because of decay, impacted wisdom teeth or other problems such as abscess or cyst formation. At Centric Dental Views extraction is a last resort. Dr Ilic does everything he can by way of other dentistry procedures to avoid removing teeth but there are situations where this is unavoidable.


Some cases require a general rather than a local anaesthetic. After consultation with Dr Ilic you may decide to have a procedure performed by an oral surgeon in a hospital environment under general anaesthetic. Central Dental Views will assist you with such arrangements.

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